Construction CEDEX

Milling of test sections began on november 17th

IMG 111IMG 311


Laying and compaction artificial gravel

IMG 511IMG 611


Different sort of sensors were embedded in the sections

- Humidity sensors and load cells

IMG 911IMG 1211

 - LVDT sensors for vertical, longitudinal and transverse strain

IMG 1311IMG 1511


Spraying tack coat



Manufacture, laying and compaction of bituminous mixtures took place on december 2nd

- Hot bituminous mixture paving at temperature above 150 °C

IMG 2011IMG 2111IMG 2211

- Half-warm bituminous mixture at total recycling rate (100% RAP) paving at temperature below 100 °C

IMG 2311IMG 2411IMG 2511

- Half-warm bituminous mixture at 70% rate (70% RAP) paving at temperature below 100 °C

IMG 2611IMG 2811 bIMG 2911


Pavement temperature and permanent deformation sensors

IMG 3011


Lifesure in twitter


Final Workshop of the LIFSURE project

05 October 2018

On October 17, 2018 at 4:30 p.m., the final workshop of the LIFESURE project will be held during the course of the National Signing Symposium that will take place in Madrid on October 16, 17 and 18. Simposio Nacional de Firmes

LIFESURE project present at the XV Road Conservation Conference

28 May 2018

LIFESURE project present at the XV Road Conservation Conference held in Valencia on 22, 23 and 24 May 2018. Presente y Futuro de la Conservación de Carreteras y la Preservación del Patrimonio.

LIFESURE project in the Circular Economy workshop Acciona Construcción

04 December 2017

LIFESURE project in the workshop "Promoting circular economy for a greener road construction" held on 22 November 2017 organized by Acciona Construction. Program ( Photos (index.php?option=com_content view=article id=331:fotos-jornada-ecocir-acciona-ingles catid=31:noticias-2)

Private area

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